eCommerce Data Platform

End to end workflow to get back in control of your data

Getting great quality data at scale is difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be in control!

We will work with you to ensure you can onboard websites fast, trust your data and scale your operations with confidence

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Onboard websites fast

  • Our Web Data Co-Pilottm technology onboards new eCommerce data sources in minutes, not days.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks by removing your dependency on specialist engineers.
  • Focus on eCommerce insights, with critical categories, products and attributes monitored straight out of the box.

Trust Your Data

Trust in your data is imperative, and weaknesses within a dataset can seriously impact on confidence across the entire service. Our QA service is based on Machine Learning automation, coupled with managed workflow for appropriate manual intervention points.

Our Data ConfidentTM technology runs alongside our scraping and parsing, so we detect issues real-time, and not after the fact. This allows us to fix issues quicker, eliminating unnecessary processing, and an increased ability to meet SLAs

Scale with confidence

The DataWorks technology stack takes full advantage of cloud-based Infrastructure, giving our clients full confidence that we will scale optimally to meet their demand. We take a cloud agnostic approach, allowing us to deploy to any desired cloud provider.

  • Auto-scale (and shrink) to ensure you meet both internal SLAs and customer expectations.
  • Control costs by setting cloud spend limits and keep your operational budget on track.
  • Harness our cutting edge, patented AI to identify and automatically fix problems before they get out of control.

Workflow management

You need to be in full control of you data, not frustrated by lack of operational insight and confidence in your data partners system.

This is why we deliver on full transparency through data workflow. For too long Web Data Collection has been a “black box” Service, and its not good enough.

Together, we put you in control.
Configure, Start, Pause, Resume, Stop, Adjust, Rerun, Monitor …

Its now your call!

Enterprise integration

Why should you have to change your systems to work with a suppliers inflexible legacy data pipeline? Integration should be a frictionless experience and not trigger a major change management project.

  • Connect the way you want, AWS S3, Azure data lake, FTP, Dropbox… and more. In short, we’ve got you covered.
  • Receive reports and alerts straight into your Enterprise communication work-space. No matter if you use Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Google Hangouts, we speak your language.

Control your costs

No more surprises –
the price you set, is the price you get!

  • Real-time infrastructure control on the cloud platform of your choice.
  • Direct integration with your preferred proxy providers with the discounts you negotiated.
  • Alerts and notifications at a configurable cadence, tailored for your particular needs.