Technology Stack

We use technology to make

eCommerce web data simple….

We use technology to make eCommerce web data simple….

eCommerce growth is unprecedented and data consumers cannot keep up with the scale required while maintaining all important information quality. Legacy data providers are generalists and lack the expertise needed to meet customer demands.

We focus on the unique needs of information services companies. Our platform dramatically improves data acquisition at scale with unmatched quality and provides radical new insight to enable customers to win in the digital marketplace.

Our solution cuts through the big challenges of eCommerce web data:

  • We provide an intelligent data platform, not reactive professional services
  • Removes the need for hard to find, specialist engineering resources
  • Dramatically lowers costs, improves data quality and enables scale with confidence

Tech Stack

Our technology is built on cutting edge, cloud first technology built to scale with confidence.

  • Cloud vendor agnostic – work with the cloud vendor of your choice, no need to re-write contracts
  • API driven – Integration is a breeze – hook your system directly into ours
  • Fully managed – we take care of the backend, freeing up our teams to focus on what matters to you

AI solutions

Our patented, AI driven technology will give you a clear advantage in the marketplace.

  • Web Data Co-Pilottm allows you to onboard sites in minutes, not days.
  • Get Data Confidenttm with our intelligent auto-QA engine
  • Our eCommerceDNAtm suite unlocks insights from raw data
AI solutions

Scale and automation

Why should you have to juggle multiple services to manage your data workflow? …. We ruthlessly integrate and automate every aspect of eCommerce data acquisition and integration to allow you to focus on what matters to you.

  • Completely self contained web data platform with end to end automation of the complete process of data onboarding, operations management and ongoing monitoring.
  • Don’t be restricted by your suppliers capacity – our platform scales with your needs, under your control, with no limits.