Great Insights Need
Great DataTM

Be confident your eCommerce web data is right instead of debating the truth of what you see.


Collecting eCommerce Data Is Easy, Right?

Sure, Until You Start to do it at scale…

Here’s the truth about web data:

  • It’s hard to onboard websites quickly
  • Specialist skills are hard to find
  • Your customers find data gaps before you do

And this is what your current data supply delivers:

  • Lack of control
  • Empty promises
  • Inability to meet your customer expectations

Lean On Our Platform
Become Data Confident

Log into our web data engine, and regain customer confidence

  • Leverage our web co-pilot™ technology to do the heavy lifting across thousands of sites
  • Let our AI detect the page changes and ensure your data is captured, every time
  • Eliminate lost data and reduce downtime due to ‘blocking’
  • Deliver on the trust your customers expect
  • Save money on infrastructure costs
  • Remove the need for highly skilled engineers, scale with the team you have

Customers Lean On Our Platform to Grow Their Business

We are so impressed by the team, and the groundbreaking technology that they have developed, that we don’t only use the product, we also invested in the company. That’s how confident we are…
Mark Smith

Chairman Merit Technology PLC

Mark Smith

Here’s a few numbers that tell our story:

20 +
years working with web data
terabytes of data we process every day
the number patents we have pending
the number of product brands we process in one hour
100 x
the level of quality improvement we can bring to your data
50 %
of OpEx we can save you versus traditional data providers

We’re eCommerce Nerds

Call us nerds, we love it! … we’re experts in what we do, and excel at solving the intractable challenges that are unique to eCommerce data.

Let’s Get You Data Confidenttm
Here’s How


Let’s talk

Tell us your eCommerce goals, and we’ll map out the solution you need


Get back control

Our AI driven platform puts you in the driver’s seat!


Breathe easy!

We’ll do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the work you’re best at